Why cycling in Israel is recommended

We’ve all heard about cycling tours in Italy, France, and Spain. Get ready to add Israel to the list of perfect cycling destinations.

While there are many different ways to travel Israel, one of the most challenging and interesting ways to do so is on a bicycle. Israel cycling tours are different from cycling tours in any other country for so many reasons, here are the top seven according to Puzzle Israel and their partners at Rent a Bike Israel!

You can cycle from north to south in entirety in just one week

Israel is jam packed with culture and history, but it is still a pretty small country geographically speaking. That fact makes it possible to cycle from Metula to Eilat in just seven days (or even less if you skip visiting sites along the way). It also means that you don’t need to take too long off of work or school to fit in Israel cycling tours, so it is a great option for short active vacations or breaks.

Photo: Ronen Chernyak

You will pass through every type of landscape

From the north to the south, cycling routes pass through roads, meadows, mountains, valleys, desert, forests, cities, villages and more. The variety is endless so you will never get bored from the scenery as each moment will be new and exciting!

Photo: Ronen Chernyak

Perfect weather throughout most of the year

The weather is almost always perfect all year round! The spring and autumn are just perfect for cycling and while the summers can get very hot, it is possible to cycle early in the morning and avoid the heat. The winter is mild and cool, with little rain. So while hard winters elsewhere in the world prevent cycling enthusiasts to venture outdoors, here in Israel you can just come and enjoy a lovely active winter break, cycling in great cool weather. That’s one of the most unique reasons of going on Israel cycling tours – you can come almost any time of year, and you don’t have to choose between the north or the south, the mountains or the valleys because you can have it all.

You can combine Israel cycling tours with Israel food tours

One of the best parts of Israeli culture is the culinary scene. After a day of cycling, you will surely be hungry. Instead of eating trail mix and energy bars, sit down to eat meals at the best restaurants in the country, or at special authentic Druze and Bedouin hospitality, enjoying local delicious homemade cuisine. If the day ends in a rural area without a restaurant, a countryside or desert picnic can be arranged. Don’t just cycle, cycle in style with the best foods and wines Israel has to offer when you combine Israel cycling tours with Israel food tours.

You don’t have to bring your bike, but you can

If you take a cycling tour that is an organized trip to Israel, bikes can actually be provided for you. There are bicycles of all kinds that can be rented, and logistical help can be provided on organized cycling trips to Israel. You can have a bicycle and a road team on Israel cycling tours which is a pretty sweet deal! If you do decide to bring you bike, many airlines that fly to Israel will allow you to check your bike at minimal cost. Your local bike shop will know the best way to package for air travel. Organized trips to Israel will take this into account when picking you up from the airport, too, so no need to worry about that.

Family members can enjoy other activities during the day

If you come to Israel for a cycling tour but your family doesn’t cycle, tours and activities can be arranged for them separately. While you are cycling, other members of the family can explore the area, participate in workshops, and enjoy touring by hiking, jeep rides and other exciting ways. Then in the evening, you can all meet at the accommodations, whether they be a five star hotel, a glamorous camp site, or a fun cabin.

Safety and comfort above all

Cycling on roads, especially in areas not familiar, can be a dangerous adventure. A cycling tour in Israel is accompanied by an escort car at all times, allowing the cyclists to cycle safely along the roads and not worry about getting lost. And best of all, when you get tired, you can just hope into the car for a rest.

There is no doubt that Israel has become one of the best locations in the world for cycling. When considering your next destination ride, keep the glorious landscapes of Israel in mind!

Tips for cycling abroad

Cycling is not just sport or relaxation; It’s also a great and easy way to travel. In addition, cycling is healthy and good for the environment. Bike tours are available at various levels. From mountain biking in the Himalayas and cycling through the French countryside, to a city trip in Athens by E-bike.
This varied offer can be found on Go4Bike.com. Local travel agencies often organize bicycle tours or offer bicycle rental in the most varied areas. They often provide support, maintenance and sometimes even overnight stays.

Something for everyone

You do not necessarily have to be in a superb condition to make a bike trip, although that depends on the type of ride you are going to make. A beginner will not start a trip through the high mountains. If you really want to ride 100km a day on vacation, then you’d better do some training beforehand. But even if you are less well prepared, you still can find a suitable trip. With the rise of the Electric Bicycle, many more routes are also available for people that are less well trained or with a limitation. A big advantage of the bike is that you go slow enough to really enjoy the area, and yet fast enough to explore a wide area.

Tips for traveling

Of course, it is useful if you know how to fix a bike, especially when you are cycling abroad. In other countries, other rules apply to traffic. It’s useful to know if you can take your bike by bus or train. It is always advisable to wear a helmet and to close an insurance beforehand. Also read the small print of the insurance. Sometimes cycling on unpaved trails (mountain biking) is not covered. Some insurers have special insurance for cyclists. If you only ride a bike, tell someone what route you are going to take and what time you expect to return. It is often advisable to start short routes to get used to the environment and the climate. A rest day can also be a good idea.

cycling in Holland
Cycling in Holland


Traffic in and around busy cities can be dangerous for cyclists. Sometimes it is advisable to start on smaller, quiet roads. Look out for parked cars, the door can sometimes be opened. Not everyone is watching out, so be suspicious that cars can hit down and make sure you’re not driving right next to the car.

Weather, climate and diet

Cycling while the temperature outside is 40 degrees is a bit too much for most people. In warm countries it is advisable to start early in the morning and use a good sunscreen. Use special sunscreen for athletes that are sweat resistant. Of course, you must ensure that you always drink enough water.

On a trip abroad, you often also change your diet. You sometimes eat things you are not used to. Another diet and a different climate, and a lot of physical effort, can be a combination that does not easily divide everyone. Keep your diet simple and do not mix too much strange food. You may also take some food from home, which you and your stomach are used to.

Road cycling in Morocco can be very hot
Road cycling in Morocco can be very hot

Enjoy the bike

Cycling abroad is especially enjoyable. Exciting, adventurous, along unknown landscapes. You can stop wherever you want and easily chat with the locals. Once on the bike, you will discover what a freedom the bike gives you.