Bike Jerusalem


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Bike Jerusalem

Address: 27, Tzafririm, israel, Tzafririm ,
Phone: +972 2-579-6353
Opening Hours: We will accommodate to you! Tell us in advanced when you are coming to pick up the bike and we will be in our warehouse to m

Choose from our bike rental selection:Road, Highend bike rental, Hybrid/Touring, Full sus’ MTB,Hard tail MTB and Logistic vehicles.We Povide:Panniers, electric pedals assist front wheels lock, helmet, and a map uppon request. Come and join us on our many guided tours throughout Israel! Send us a message to discuss your needs.

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Eva Jun 25, 2018, 10:00 PM
The trip was excellent, challenging but not too much and with enough wine at the end of the day to make it fun. It is good value for the money and it was such a fun way to see israel. It's hot in israel but at least no rain! I hate biking in the rain. The guides were great, knowledgeable, good looking and fun to be around. We pretty much covered all of Israel.

Daphne Jun 25, 2018, 10:00 PM
The tour was amazing, Assaf had every kind of bike we needed (we were a large group with all different types of people), the view was beautiful and the whole experience was so refreshing and fun! Our family felt like a real team after it! Absolutely to recommend! Beautiful area and a good workout. #Mitzpe #Ramon

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