Velodrome Travel


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Velodrome Travel

Address: Jane Sandanski 84, Ohrid,
Phone: +389 70 212 950
Opening Hours: MON / SUN 08:00 - 20:00

"Mother of the World" or "Mother Earth", this is the true meaning of the word Macedonia. It is a place that will bring you back 10 000 years, to the dawn of civilization, a place mentioned in the Bible, a place where you will discover everything you wanted to know about the beginnings of human culture. Be prepared to raise the adrenaline in your veins.Ride through unforgetable picturesque landscapes that can be found from many view points, all of which are over two thousand meters above sea level. Fall in love with nature, see the blue sky mirrored in the lakes crystal clean waters, smell the freshness of the vegetation, ride through dense forests and the golden wheat grain in the valleys, glance at the rosed-red sunsets, all from which one becomes totally breathless.

Bikes: Mountain bike, Hybrid

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