Cyclists planning their bike trip at Go4Bike

Cyclists from all over the world are using the Go4Bike website for planning their bike trip. Most users are from western Europe and the Unites States.


Go4Bike visitors map 2015

Popular bike trip destinations

The Mediterranean counties are the most popular countries for bicycle renting via Go4Bike. Spain tops the list of bike trips on the Go4Bike website followed by Italy, France and Greece.


Cycling trips destinations map 2015

Spain is a popular cycling destination because is suitable for cycling almost all year. In spring and autumn any Spanish region can be cycled, while in the summer the northern and west northern part may be the ideal region. In Winter the Canary Islands and Costa Blanca are good regions for making a bike trip.

Unexpected bike trip destinations

Besides these traditional cycling countries like Italy Spain and France, the Go4Bike website also shows some unexpected destinations for bike trips. Quite a lot of bike rental reservation requests were made at bike rentals in South Africa, Mauritius and in Eastern European regions like South Moravia (Czech Republic).


Cycling in Mauritius


Bike trip in Moravia


Furthermore, we noted that the countries in the Balkan region (like Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania), but also Romania are more and more being visited by cyclists. These cycling destinations may be attractive because they are relatively undiscovered and offers mountainous regions and Mediterranean weather.

The immense wilderness of Norway also attracts cyclists. By bike you can discover its extensive forests, along wild rivers, numerous lakes, waterfalls, green fields and of course the famous fjords.