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Looking for a bike rental to cycle the Camino de Santiago? You may rent a bicycle at one of the local bike rentals along the Camino de Santiago. Well-prepared cyclists can cycle the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago). A bike rental can provide you a good rental bike and can advise you about the routes. The bike rentals  some times can also help you with luggage, transfers and accommodation. Best period for traveling is from May to September.

Cycle hire at a local bike rental along the Camino de Santiago

The majority of the Pilgrims in the past use to walk as they had no other choice to reach Santiago de Compostela.trailer movie Wonder Woman 2017

Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela

However, if they had been able to have a horse, as the Lords, they would have made it to arrive as quick as possible. Nowadays, the bicycle has replaced the horse, although we meet some on the way. So why not hire a cycle from a local bike rental along the Camino de Santiago? Traveling the Way of St. James  by bike gives some advantages:
You have more time to enjoy the surroundings, by bike is it’s easy to make excursions away from the route and visit the interesting sites and cycling is useful for getting around the bigger towns.

Camino de Santiago Map

Camino de Santiago cycling map and bike rentals. View full map

Camino frances by bicycle

The French way is the most common variant of the Camino de Santiago. The so-called French Route refers to the path between the frontier with France and Santiago de Compostela itself. It starts in Roncesvalles or in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (resp. in the Spanish and French Pyrenees). From the Pyrenees the route leads to Pamplona and Logrono, capital of the Rioja region, before entering the Meseta, the vast Spanish plateau where shade is a rarity.

Cathedral of Burgos

It passes through the historic cities of Burgos and Leon. Beyond Leon, the pilgrim crosses two passes (La Cruz de Yerro and O Cebreiro) before reaching green Galicia, and finally, Santiago de Compostella.


In some cities you can find a bicycle rental dedicated to the Way of St. James: Pamplona, Burgos , Leon or Villablino (located along the French Way). Also Becicon in Sanxenxo has specialized in bike rental Camino de Santiago.
Bike Ibera and Cycling rentals deliver rental bikes anywhere in Spain and Portugal.

Avda, de la Paz 7, 09004 BURGOS Burgos

Bike rental
Constitucion, 21, Villablino Villablino

Bike rental

Bike rental
conde guillen 11 León (capital)

Bike rental
BizkaiRoute Sport Services
Urrestieta, 21Mod.4 Bilbao

Bike rental
A Bicitk
Calle Arrecife, Nº 8, 2ºE. Cangas

Bike rental
Bigarren Eskua
Campana Kalea, 8 Iruñea Pamplona

Bike rental

Besides the French way, there are several other versions of this pilgrimage route, including the Northern variant along the rough Cantabrian coast or Silver route (Vía de la Plata) from the south.
Almost all variants contain stages through very hilly terrains, with continuous (steep) ascents and descents on unpaved roads, although also some flat stages exists.

bike rental camino de santiago
Cycling the Camino de Santiago

Rent an electric bike at the Portuguese Way of St. James

Portuguese version of the way to Santiago has been traditionally the route chosen by pilgrims coming from Portugal. The Portuguese way of is more quiet than the French way. You can rent an electric bike to explore the Portuguese way in Cangas (Vigo)

According to legend

… the remains of the Apostle James were transported by ship from Jerusalem to the North of Spain where they were rediscovered in the 9th century. Very quickly the roads to Compostela filled with pilgrims as a pilgrimage to Compostela became one of the most important in Christendom. Even today many people from all over the world make the same journey on foot of by bike. Many are pilgrims but others are making the same journey for pleasure.

camino de santiago
Camino de Santiago

The St James Way was declared ‘Cultural European Journey in 1987, then dedicated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993

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