How it works

Would you like to go biking on vacation, but somehow it seems too much effort to bring your own bicycle? You’re currently staying in a region you would love to explore on a bike, but unfortunately you do not carry one with you? You’re planning to keep in shape abroad, but you prefer to not expose your bike to planes, trains, buses and cars? offers an overview of bike rental shops worldwide. This makes it easy for you to find a suitable rental bike for your travels abroad.

You can contact the bike rental shop by sending message with a reservation request. The message form can be found on the bottom of each bike rental profile as displayed on this website. In this reservation form you will be able to specify your needs regarding type of bicycle, pick-up and delivery times.

Once you have send a reservation request the bike rental shop will confirm your reservation request by email or telephone. Your reservation is complete once you have received a confirmation by the bike rental shop.

Some bike rentals show a "Live booking" banner. These rentals allow you to book a bike directly, using a booking system.

For road bikes you can look up your frame size in this table:

Lenght Frame size (cm)
Length Frame size (cm)
162 50
178 56
165 50
180 56
168 52
183 58
171 54
186 58
174 54/56 190 60