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Address: via Nuovalucello 47 H, catania, CT
Phone: 39095221653
Opening Hours: 09:00 - 18:00

Bicycle rental - Bike - E-BIKE in Sicily Our bike rental service allows you to visit the most exclusive locations on a selected route by bike MTB or e-bike, equipped with a tablet. Discover nature and history of the area using our multimedia system equipped with GPS. The system is based on the identification of specific points within the chosen route. The tablet shows the road map, points of interest, and all the information. Bike rental is currently available in the provinces of Catania, Messina (Taormina), Siracusa and Trapani.
During our the bike trail you receive:
Information: Get detailed information about the sights, text/audio.
Multi-media: Pictures with audio material.
Video with respect to the places and buildings to visit.
Places of historical interest. Experience the digital reconstructions of historical sites.
Multimedia access. Access to all information of the special attractions via video / audio guides.
Top Offers: Get real-time top offers on the route to visit.

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