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Giovinazzo (Bari)

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Bike The Charms

Address: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 23, Giovinazzo (Bari), Apulia
Phone: 39 0805335097
Opening Hours: every time, on demand

We are an association of cycle-ecologists whose goal is to join both civil and ecological efforts in protecting and treasuring the land inherited from our ancestors with the promotion of travel alternatives that are in harmony with nature. To accomplish these goals, we encourage and promote the routine use of bicycles as a natural, earth-friendly, and active alternative for touring our area, and we follow through in this effort by organizing cycle excursions. We at Bike The Charms would like to welcome cycling tourists, and offer the free service of assisting you in planning your itinerary. We will suggest the best bike travel routes for visiting historical sites, provide historical-cultural information and other informative materials, offer the service of a cycle tour-guide, and book your lodgings at various hotels and rural locations along your selected route. If you would like, our Cyclotourist guides will take you among the beuties of Apulia. We wait for you!

Bikes: Hybrid

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Bittor May 6, 2019, 8:53 AM
I rented a bike for a week to cycle around Puglia....and a little bit of Basilicata ( Matera) I got a wonderful service from Lory, Grazia and Mary !! Bike was in perfect conditions, and they help me out with information to plan my route, with lodging, and even making us guides!! Very happy and, for sure, will repeat!!!!

Liesbeth May 22, 2018, 10:00 PM
It was very nice to go by bike to Castel del Monte. Puglia.

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